Scheduling a Post on Facebook Page

Save time, schedule the post! Relax!

Facebook or so-called FB, has definitely provided a good platform to share our thoughts and to be connected with our family, friends and the society. Fb plays a vital role in marketing new products and is used by most of the companies to gain customers.

Facebook Pages is not behind in this marketing league. Many users have created their own pages to gain monetary benefits from it. Later on that topic! One of the tedious tasks of handling these pages is that you have to be active in order to retain and gain more followers for your pages. For this, you have to keep posting new creatives, videos, images on your page so that your fan following will increase and you'll get the required results. Now to automate this job and to save and utilise your time in more productive things like inviting new members or creating the good content for your page, FB has a good option to schedule the posts.

  1. Open your page and navigate to Publishing Tools.
  2. Click on the Scheduled Posts. Here you'll see all the posts scheduled by the editors/admins/etc. of the page.
  3. Click on the Create button.


Publishing Tools


  1. You'll see a popup, Create New Page Post, to create the post. You can add image, view or create an event or just write the text here.
  2. Once done click on the Schedule button.


Create Post


  1. Here, specify the Date-Time when you want the post to go live on your page. At this exact date-time, the post will be visible on the page to the followers.
  2. Click on the Schedule button and done!


Specify Time


  1. You can now see your post in the Scheduled Posts section of your page.


Scheduling Completed 


You can schedule unlimited (still a confusion in the community as to what the exact number is) posts this way and save your time and efforts. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned with me on Code Gear!